Aisha Buhari Says I’m Not Happy With My Husband Government

The wife of the President of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari was interviewed by BBC Hausa in Zaria, the wife of President Mohammedu Buhari, the First Lady of Nigeria said she is not happy with her husband government.
The interview with BBC Hausa Service reproduced below

Question – Most people has high expectations from your husband given his antecedents, it seems things are at a snail’s pace, what do you think?

Aisha Buhari  РIn my view as a woman, a mother, am not a politician. We were already aware that our frst four years would be very tough but the very disturbing thing now is, we are all aware that no one can say he is responsible for the emergence of this government because it is a combined effort. Unfortunately, more than half the people that worked, contributed actively for the coming of this government are today sideline. Instead what we are now seeing are new sets of people who are not even politicians and they have been imposed on the people. These people new set of people did not even know how the government about, they did nothing and they did not know the promises we made during the campaign yet they are hoisted on the people.
Some of the these new set of people are even bold to say that they are not politicians yet the occupy seats meant for politicians. In course of our struggle some of these people who have been sidelined lost their wives, children. Now I myself is not even happy with the way things are going.
Now people from nowhere are being appointed to head agencies, some of them are opponents who fought governorship candidates in their state yet these people are given appointments.

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Question – Is the President aware of this
Aisha Buhari – Whether he is aware or not the fact is that the people who voted him are aware

Question – As the closest person to the president have you brought it up to his notice
Aisha Buhari – I don’t need to because he is seeing it if you ask him, he does no personally know 45 out of 50 of his appointees today, i don’t even know them either, we have been married for 27 years now.

Question – Are You Suggesting that the government has been hijacked by a cabal?
Aisha Buhari – Yes. Am saying that those who do not have voters card to leave those who struggled for this government, those who knew the vision and mission, when you meet these intruders they will tell you that they are not politicians so they should not have accepted the appointment in the first place.

Question – Is it not strange tht with Buhari’s experience some people can hijack his government?
Aisha Buhari – it is indeed very strange, no body expected things to turn this bad and now we know that a person may b doing wrong without knowing it but we expect that when this persons are corrected they should accept it because in the future whether he is going for second term or not it is the same Nigerians he will rely on.

Question – Did the General mention to you he would seek second term?
Aisha Buhari – He is yet to tell me but as his wife I ave decided if things continue like this till 2019, I will not go out and campaign again and ask any woman to vote like i did before, I will never do it again.

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