Arik Staff Beat Up Man Mercilessly For Complaining Over Flight Cancellation

Arik Staff Beat Up Man Mercilessly For Complaining Over Flight Cancellation

On Sunday morning in Abuja at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, a staff that works with Arik Airline beat up a man mercilessly for complaining about his flight cancellation for the scheduled day.
According to reports, the man who had booked a flight not just for himself but also for his wife and children to travel for a trip not disclosed got to the airport only to be told by Arik staff that the airline have cancelled the flights for the whole day.

Source said that the man reaching the airport approached the Arik desk to get a boarding pass but was told by an Arik airline staff that the flight for the day had been cancelled.

The man confused and wanted to find out why the flight that as scheduled for that day was cancelled asked one of the staffs that works with the flight company (Arik Airline) only to be told by the staff “Oga no disturb us, no be only you wan travel today”.

The man now demanded that his money be refunded to him, two Arik staffs pounced on him and wrestled him to the ground while his wife and children watched helplessly.

Passengers who were there quickly rushed in to intervene but it was too late because the man had already received the beating of his life.

The situation got out of control, two security guards tried to calm them but no avail until some soldiers came in and saved the situation.

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When they were asked the reason for the flight cancellation, the Arik staffs blamed it on lack of fuel.

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