Five Communities In Enugu State Give Fulani Herdsmen 72 Hours To Vacate

On Monday, in Enugu State, five communities in Ozalla, Nkanu West Local Government Area protested that the suspected Fulani herdsmen which just arrived in their communities should leave.

The protesters has issued an ultimatum that the Fulani herdsmen should leave their communities within the next 72 hours.

They said that the Fulani herdsmen were over 100 and they came into their communities with their families in five Mercedes benz 911 lorries.

Speaking to newsmen, Afam Ani, the President General of Ozalla Development Union said, the herdsmen came into our communities with their families and cattle to most of their most fertile farmland.

He said that when they approached these Fulani herdsmen they claimed to have been chased out from their previous settlement by the state government.

He said that their decision to settle in Ozalla is completely unacceptable and provocative.

The leader of the protesting villagers which comprises of farmers, market women, youths, said they an not forget their experience with herdsmen in 2012.

Ani said, “The people of Ozalla can not forget the unpleasant experience with these Fulani herdsmen, the havoc they wreck on our people, they r*pe our women, massive destruction of our people and farmlands, robberies but we have decided to let bygones be bygones but for them to come back to our communities again, we are saying that they are not welcome”.

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