Corps Member Speech To All NYSC Batch A Passing Out‎

Corps Member Speech To All NYSC Batch A Passing Out‎

It seems like yesterday when names of prospective corps members were mobilized from various institution across the federation to the NYSC H/Q Abuja for the one year mandatory programme. Many of us were so tensed because we didn’t know where we would be posted. Fortunately or otherwise thousand call up letter were given to these corps members to serve at different states, some loved it some didn’t, some pushed pushed to for where they would want to serve while some were indifferent of where ever they were posted to. At the end of the day we all packed our yet to be settled luggage from our various states and headed for the meeting point.

I remember vividly how people struggled with their things from the camp gate to the registration stand and then to their various hostels. The rush for daily early morning parades, the rigorous exercise, the early morning motivations speech and songs, the song, “stand up for the champions” being played by the OBS, stand-still to honor Nigeria, the “mammy market” the only “mother market” that follows her children to camp to fend for them, the overextended long queues the in the kitchen for food, the sporting competitions, the beauty queen and the macho man, the MCAN, the NACC, the NCCF, the man ‘O’ war drills, the soldiers’ slang white fowl, Ajuwaya, Otondo, and so on.

The camp experience was one that many people wished never ended. Yes! I saw it on many faces on the NYSC Day of judgment when posting letters were being given. Many cried because they had to depart their new found friends, many laugh because the relationship still continues and many were indifferent. At our different places of posting amidst the rush to finish registration. Everyone wanted to go home and show off their newly given NYSC kits.

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Now the rush to primary place of assignment has come to an end, the collection of monthly allowances has come to an end, the monthly clearance has also come to a menopause, the weekly CDS (Community Development Service) has been debunked into the dustbin of history.

After the POP (Passing Out Parade)‎, we are going back to our various states. What have we achieved so far? What new thing are we taking home? What are our plans after this is over, how wisely did we spend our allowances? What legacy have we left behind at our various PPAs, the house we lived in, the Local Government Areas we served, etc? What are we looking forward to doing after service, white collar jobs? Blue-collar jobs? Self employment jobs? Etc

My potential graduate corps members, we have obeyed the clarion call, under the sun and in the rain and it’s memories the good, the bad and the ugly, all in the memory lane. I pray God’s peace and blessings never depart from us, congratulations in advance.

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