Feasibility Study & Business Plan On Fish Farming In Nigeria

Feasibility Study & Business Plan On Fish Farming In Nigeria

One of the most lucrative business now in Nigeria is fish farming, it is not that common as some other business and th is why it is one of the top lucrative business in Nigeria. You don’t have to have million before you can go into this business and make huge profit however the amount of money you use to to determines the amount of profit you can get out from it.

On this post, I will be highlighting some key things about feasibility study of fish farm, how to set up a fish farm, this will expose and teach you things you need to know as far as fish farming is concerned.

However, feasibility study on fish farming in Nigeria do vary and because of this there are factors and conditions that must be considered and satisfied, this include, Cost of Labor, Location, Cost of Materials, Cost of Fingerling, Cost of Feeding, Marketing and Water.

In fish farming in Nigeria feasibility study all of these facts must be considered so you can well prepare yourself for the business you are going into.

Cost of Labor – This is very vital, you must know the cost of labor, the cost of labor vary, it is not a static thing and this labor is construction of pond and the type of pond you want to construct.

Location – This is a vital factor to consider as far as feasibility study on fish farming in Nigeria is concerned. Location can determine the kind of pond you should construct for the fishes, in a swampy are there is a recommended pond that should be constructed, in areas where is no too much water there is a kind of pond that should be constructed, like I said location is a vital factor to consider in fish farming business in Nigeria.

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Cost of Feeding – Cost of feeding varies and this depends on the quality of feed you want, there are enhanced feeds which maybe more costly than some but the result on the fish is amazing. There are foreign feeds and local feeds, don’t expect them to be of the same price because their effect is not the same on the fishes.

Marketing – This is one of the key factors that, feasibility study on fish farming give you an overview of how the market operates, what the market is in search of and what you can do to make good sales.

Every consumer is looking for a big fish at an affordable price whether it is a smoked fish or not so this feasibility study gives you precisely what you are to get out of the business.

The feasibility study on fish farming in Nigeria is essential for anyone who wants to go into this line of business, it provides you with an exclusive plan, use information from experts, trade association s you can never be misled. Below are highlighted table of content

Present Situation of aquaculture in Nigeria
Aquaculture Production in Nigeria
Aquaculture Policy Environment at National and State Levels
Success potential
Skills and abilities for success
Production feasibility






This is just an highlight of the table of content.

Get your feasibility study/business plan on fish farming in Nigeria, pay the sum of N5,000 into the account details below and send a text of your teller number, valid email addres (where the feasibility/business plan will be sent to), to Mr Romeo on 07036785443.

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Bank Details

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBANK)

Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka

Account number – 0127561472.

Interested persons should call Mr. Romeo on 07036785443. The feasibility study/business plan on fish farming is sold for N5,000. PDF copy (soft copy only). A will be sent to your email address.

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