Fish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Fish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Fish farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business, the love and demand for fish is constantly high because in our homes, hotels, ceremonies we need fish.

fish farming business plan in Nigeria

Fish is one of the major sources of protein so it is something we eat almost everyday of our lives and it is cheaper than meat and this are some of the reasons why the demand is so very high.

Fish farming such as Catfish, Tilapia and Mackerel has been very helpful in providing and making fish available for consumption.

In fish farming there are lots of things to consider and that is why we have written a rich and up-to-date Fish Farming Business Plan to help and guide you if you want to venture into this business.

There are some vital things to consider in fish Farming,but lets look at the various types of Fish Farming

1. Catfish Farming

Catfish farming s the most popular fish farming in Nigeria, they are the most common fish used in African meals in our homes, hotels, restaurants, event and so on.

The demand for Catfish is very high and it is very easy to grow that is one of the reason it is the most popular fish faring in the country.

2. Tilapia Farming

The fishery business is done with fresh water inhabiting shallow streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Tilapia are the second popular fishes in Nigeria. One of the unique things about Tilapia is that they grow very rapidly and they have a very high level of tolerating poor water quality and high stocking densities which is why they a very lucrative breed for fish farming.

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3. Mackerel (Salmon) Farming
This are fresh water fishes, they migrate to the ocean and return to fresh water to reproduce, they are aso grown in fish farms.
They are commonly known as Titus in Nigeria and they are highly consumed in Nigerian homes everyday.

Some other things to consider before starting  Fish Farm are –
Technical Know-How/ Planning
Choice Of Fish To Cultivate
Location of the Fish Farm
Land Mass
Pond Planning. Design, Size, Construction
Source of Water Supply
Available Market
Environmental Factors
Financial Analysis

Our Fish Farming Business Plan is equipped with industry secrets that will make you succeed in your Fish Farming Business.

Our business plan is up-to-date to reflect present economic condition with exclusive information from experts, trade associations and accountants to make sure the plan is current and accurate.

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