Fuji Music Celebrated At Goldberg Forum

On Monday, in Lagos, maiden of the Fuji Roundtable put together by Goldberg Lager Beer in celebration of Fuji music in Nigeria.

The participant at the forum called ‘Fuji t’o bam said that Fuji music is the only Nigerian music that is devoid foreign infusion and it is the only music that identifies with the Yorubas.

The Fuji Roundtable participants said that the music genre deserves more attention that what its getting and together more effort will be put in to take the music to another level.

Participants of the maiden edition of the Fuji Roundtable include, Sikiru Ayinde, the Chairman, National Project Committee of the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria, Olawale Obadeyi, one of the most popular Fuji analyst and Poet, Emmanuel Agu, Portfolio Manager, Mainstream Lager and Stout Brands, Nigerian Breweries Plc.

At the Maiden edition of the Fuji Roundtable, they said that the music has done so well for the Yorubas in the western part of the country and has contributed to their socio-cultural development in the region.

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In the celebration of Fuji music, some of the artists were recognized and praised, saying that their contribution to the Fuji music helped deepened the ties across boundaries all around the region and beyond.

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