GreenSpeer Nigeria Login – Join GreenSpeer @

GreenSpeer Nigeria Login – Join GreenSpeer @

GreenSpeer Nigeria is one of the latest ways you can make money in Nigeria, if you do not know anything about this new way of making money online all you have to do is read this post so you can be fully aware what GreenSpeer Nigeria is all about and how you can register

On this post I will be sharing with you all the things you need to know about GreenSpeer Nigeria, GreenSpeer Login, GreenSpeer registration and how you can register at

What Is GreenSpeer About

GreenSpeer is a financial social network that pairs people, it is an individual to individual donation scheme created to help people by donting money to each other. Once money is donated to a registered member of GreenSpeer you automatically get another person who will donate to you.

This ponzi scheme is not too different from Ultimate Cycler, MMM Nigeria, iCharity and lots of other but the unique thing about GreenSpeer Nigeria is that its method are unique and that makes it one of the best ponzi scheme in Nigerian right now.

GreenSpeer Nigeria started in December 2016 and within a very short time, thousands of Nigerians have already registered taking advantage of this money making scheme.

Some experts who have taken time to analyize said its one of the best way of making money online in Nigeria because of how it operates.

You do not need to refer anyone, how GreenSpeer Nigeria works is that once you donate money to someone another person will automatically be paired to you and in turn that person pays you your money back into you registered account.

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GreenSpeer registration is easy and it costs N5,000 which is your first donation, it means that you will donate N5,000 to someone who is a registered member of Once you have done that you are automatically a registered member of GreenSpeer Nigeria and by this single act someone will be automatically directed to donate to you.

Once you have made you first payment, you can then create your GreenSpeer login account where you can monitor and see the person who have been paired with

Like I said earlier it is a donation within registered members of GreenSpeer Nigeria and thi monies are paid directly into your registered account.

How GreenSpeer Nigeria Works

There are different levels on GreenSpeer Nigeria, the levels begin from level 1 and ends in level 5

To enter Level 1, you will have to donate N5,000 (GreenSpeer Registration Fee), once that is done, two members of GreenSpeer Nigeria will be matched with you and will pay you N5,000 each, making it N10,000.

To Upgrade to Level 2 Donate N5,000, GreenSpeer will pair you with four people who will then pay you N5,000 each, making it N20,000

To Upgrade to Level 3 Donate N10,000, you will be paired with 8 persons who will pay you N10,000 each, making N80,000

To Upgrade to Level 4 Donate N30,000, you will be paired with 10 persons who will pay you N30,000 each making it N300,000

To Upgrade to Level 5 Donate N100,000, GreenSpeer pairs you with 10 persons who will pay you N100,000 each making it N1,000,000

How to Register GreenSpeer at

GreenSpeer Nigeria

Firstly log onto the official website and click on “New Registration”
You will have to fill a form that will require you to enter your full name, phone number, email address, bank details username and password.
Once you have done that you will be required to pay N5,000 within the next 48 hours otherwise you will be blocked.

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Once you have made the payment, you can scan an upload it for evidence and wait for confirmation from the person you paid to once you are confirmed, someone will be matched to pay you. It is that easy and simple.

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