I.G Orders Urine Tests For All Police Officers

I.G Orders Urine Tests For All Police Officers

The Nigeria Police Force is about to make a new discover due to the recent statement issued by the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase.

On Wednesday, the I.G of Police, Solomon Arase said that the Nigerian Police Force will now carry out urine tests on all police officer for drug abuse before they can be given any weapon or sent to their operational points.

He said that once they are tested positive they will not be given firearms and the police will provide a good help that will take them away from drugs, emotional or psychological issues that will make them not to carry out or performed their duties as they suppose.

Speaking at the inauguration of drugs testing and campaign organized in collaboration with Hypertension and Diabetes Awareness Foundation, the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase said that the Nigerian police has succeeded in making the entire public dislike them because of mishandling of fire arms by policemen in duty who are not psychologically fit at the time to handle weapons.

“Some of our men with this psychological problem could be as a result of drug abuse and that is the reason we have decided to include a psychological assessment as one of he medical assessment to our new recruit into the police force”.

“As for the rest policemen we will carry out a urine test for all policemen for signs of drug abuse before giving them any weapon or sending them to operational points and to achieve this we are working with a highly respected group of psychologist and psychiatrists”.

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He urged the police officers to be willing and to come forward for the medical screening noting that before the Nigerian police force can move forward there must be a healthy workforce.

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