Ikwo College of Education Left With 5 Lecturers

Ikwo College of Education Left With 5 Lecturers

Due to the sack of 83 staffs of the Ikwo College of Education which had been in the institution since 2011, a final year student in Ikwo College of Education in the department of Primary Education, Miss Ifeoma Obinwa spoke with newsmen stated that with the sack, the department is left with 5 lecturers while the minimum requirement for the department to exist in the institution is 8 lecturers.

Miss Obinwa who expressed shock over the sack of the lecturers noted that with only five lecturers remaining in the department, the National Commission for College of Education are bound by law top shutdown the department.

”The governor directive which led to the sack of the lecturers does not just affect the lecturers but students and parents who have their wards in the department because when the department is shutdown is either we start looking for admission in other tertiary institution as first year students or we would turnout as school dropouts” she said.

”That is not all, the money our parents must have spent from our first year to our final year wold now be a fruitless venture. How many of them would survive the shock that their child who is in final year turn out to drop out of school for no fault of hers”?

She went on to say even if the department meets up with the required 8 lecturers, the School Primary School which is a prerequisite to establishing the Primary Education is now left with only 1 teacher which automatically would be shutdown by National Commission for College Education, NCCE.

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”I was almost through with my project and teaching practice and some of the sacked lecturers were the ones supervising them and having been sacked I may decide to go with the student result which is also detrimental to their graduation apart from shutting down the department.

Another final year student in the department of Mathematics, Mr Chukwubuike Igwe appealed to the Governor of Ebonyi state to consider the plight of the students, their parents and benefactors who have contributed and spent huge resources in training them up to final year and reconsider his decision.

Chukwubuike said ”We believe our Governor is a listening father who is upbeat in seeing to the success of all students in the different institution in the state and we are optimistic that he would not wish that hundreds of students especially those that are from of Ebonyi State would drop out of school.

”In mathematics department after the sack of the 83 lecturers in the whole institution, we are left with just 5 lectures while the prerequisite is at least 12 lectures. There is no doubt that the regulating commission NCCE would soon clamp down the institution.

He noted that all the dream of graduating before the end of the year would just be a mirage if nothing is done to reverse the decision.

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