Man R*pes 12 Year Old Girl & Gives Her N200 To Be Quite

Man R*pes 12 Year Old Girl & Gives Her N200 To Be Quite

On Wednesday, a 30 year old man by the name Nurudeen Owolabi in Lagos was arrested by the state Police Command for r*ping a 12 year old girl by the name Ngozi.

The alleged r*apist who pleaded with the state Police that it was not his fault but the hand work od the devil lives in the same neighborhood with the parents of the victim (Ngozi).

The 30 year old man tricked the little girl into his apartment during the weekend and r*ped her.

Nurudeen Owolabi who is from Illori, Kwara state after molesting the little girl gave her N200 , keep her mouth shut and not tell anyone of what he did to her.

The mother of the victim speaking to newsmen said she saw some white discharge from her little girl’s private part and when she approached her she seem adamant until they both had a deep chat before she opened up to her.

The matter was taken to the state Police Command and the r*pist was arrested.

A source who spoke with newsmen said, the victim’s mother was not around, she was sent on an errand by her grandmother when Owolabi saw her and tricked her into his apartment and then r*ped her.

The little Ngozi was taken to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Mirable Center, after some tests were done on her, results proved that her hymen had been broken.

The primary 5 pupil said “as I was going to buy rice I passed the bro Nuru’s place he then dragged me into the house removed my clothes and my pants and then r*ped me”.

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“When he was done, he begged me not to tell anybody and then gave me N200, and I was scared and I didn’t tell my mother because I though she would beat me”.

Nurudeen said, I have a girlfriend who is 21 year old, when ever she come around we would have s*x and I would give her N500 , for sometime now she has not come so when I saw Ngozi passing by my house I took her in the had s*x with her, gave her N200 and told her not to tell anyone.

“Later that day her mother came into my house and started crying that I want to ruin her daughter’s life”.

It was my fault, it was the hand of the devil that made me to do it, he said.

The Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer said that r*pist will not be spared and he urged parents to always examin their children and report to the nearest police station for any s*xual abuse.

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