Man Sets His Ex-lover, Kids, Mother & Cousin On Fire Because She Denied Him S*x

Oluwaseyi Babatunde set his ex lover, kids and mother on fir because she refused to sleep with him.

The 26 year old man said that he has not being himself after the incident because he’s been haunted by the spirit of the kids he killed in the fire.

Oluwaseyi said that on 15th April 2015, at Sabongari, Bwari in Abuja he set the apartment on fire which killed his ex-lover, kids and mother.

Oluwaseyi who has been arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad said his ex lover Janet Isuawa together with her sons, Samuel, Osaze, her mother and her ccousin Taphael was killed in the fire.

He said what led to the killing was after his relationship with Janet crashed. Janet who is a divorcee and him were together, according to him, he supported her and her kids financially but after a while they started having problems and when he wants to sleep with her she would refuse him.

According to Oluwaseyi, things got worse when she told me that my mother told her that i am suffering from hernia and because of that she an not date me anymore, she called me names, like “mugu”, fool and that she had eaten my money, i felt so bad and collected the phone i bought for her and so we started fighting, she attacked me, bit my chest i struggled to get away from her but her cousin came and held me while she was punching me after which they pushed m from the house.

“Janet younger sister would call me and threaten me, that they will deal with me if I return to the house”.

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One Thursday night i went to their place scaled the gate because it was locked when i got to Janet room she was sleeping and the window was open because there was no light so I went to where they keep their gallon of fuel and poured in the room where she was sleeping and the place caught fire because of the lantern she was using as light to sleep.

He went on to say that I did not know that her kids were still on the house with her mother because her mother usually goes to night vigil every Thursday and she takes the kids with her so I thought Janet was the only one in the house not knowing that they didn’t ghost for all night that night.

“I wanted to kill myself but my younger brother told me to report myself to the police, the spirit of the children still haunts me and OI have not being myself after that day” he said.

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