Military Court Sentence Soldier 18 Months Imprisonment

Military Court Sentence Soldier 18 Months Imprisonment

A soldier has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by the Military Court-Martial of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri, Borno State for disobeying orders in the fight against Boko Haram.

On April 7, Private Mac Chukwu allegedly reused to submit 89 rounds of 7.2mmm special ammunition after a successful operation against the insurgency.

Chukwu was caught with the ammunition by policemen on routine checkpoints at a motor park in maiduguri after securing a pass from his commander to travel.

The Court said that the accused, Chukwu, has admitted that he was arrested with 89 rounds of 7.2mm ammunition at Tarson Kano in Maiduguri which is contrary to Section 103 sub-section 2 Armed Forces Act. Chukwu was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

However he was acquitted for the second count of prejudice of service discipline on the ground that the first offense has taken care of the second offense.

Three officers which include two Majors and a Captain were also convicted for 18 months and two years for abandoning their duty posts and with-drawer of their troops without authorization.

They include, Major Usman Inya, Officer Commanding, Infantry Company of 114 battalion, Bita, Gwoza, major M.D Bello, Officer Commanding Tank Force Takunbari and Captain Chris Leche.

They were charged before the Military Court for abandoning their sentry watch at Takunbari to Bita without authorization or evidence of treats from the enemy at the front-line in September which is contrary to the Armed Forces Act.

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