Mourinho Says Man United Lacks Confidence

The Manager of Manchester United, Jse Mourinho said that the team lacks confidence and that is the reason for losing their last three games

Manchester united after loosing to Manchester City and Feyenoord lost to Watford on Sunday 3-1 making it the three straight games the team has lost this season.

United who won their first three games seem to be unfit by their first defeat against Watford after 30 years.

Mourinho comment after the shocking defeat said, “we started the season very well and we had good results, I feel after the first defeat we had, which was a difficult situation, some of the boys are having difficulty coping with the negativity.

“You see Ashely Young, his mentality, the happiness and confidence he brought to the game is something all the players on the pitch should have”

Jose Mourinho who is one of the best football managers in the world is losing three matches in a roll for the first time since 2002 at FC Porto.

Mourinho also said, “I reflect on three factors from the games but only one of them I can improve on, the first factor depends on ourselves which relates to our individual mistake and collective mistake as individual players as a team and we really have to improve in that because its in our hands”

“The second factor is the referee and I can not control their mistake, he story of the game is the result and not the ridiculous situation of the first goal, and also the third is luck and today we didn’t have it, we were the best team when we lost” he said.

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