NCC Halts Planned Increment On Data Tariff

NCC Halts Planned Increment On Data Tariff

The Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC has suspended planned data increment due to order from the Senate to halt the increment.

The directives given to the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC to increase fees charged on internet service elicited angry reactions from stakeholders and the general public.

NCC said that the increase is intended to protect small operators whose position is threaten by the big four operators, however, lots of subscriber took to their social media platforms to condemn the increment saying that it would further impoverish the ordinary Nigerian.

Earlier today, the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC suspended its planned data tariff increase, they announced the immediate suspension of the new minimum pricing template for data service by mobile operators, they said that the decision to increase the data tariff is still under deliberation.

The President of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria yesterday said, the Union would stand against the plan which aims at further impoverishing ordinary Nigerians who are already going through rough times due to the country economy hardship.

Also, Senator, Shehu Sani commented on Twitter and said that the increment of data tariff is simply about extorting more money from the people after they have paid their electric bills and all of that.

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