Nigeria Is Not To Blame

This caption might remind readers of African literature about the classic play written by Ola Rotimi, The Gods Are Not To Blame, well, if there still remain one trait from our biblical ancestor Adam which is still inherent in human human nature today, it is apportioning of blames.

Despite the relief and companionship that Eve brought Adam, when trouble came, orchestrated by the devil and accomplished through Eve, Adam didn’t hesitate to point the accusing fingers to the so called bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, In response to the question God threw at him, It is that woman you gave me he blurted. So in this little piece, I might be tolling the path of our great ancestor to apportion blames albeit in a different way. The older generation never fails to sing it to our ears at every slightest opportunity that their times were better than ours. They never failed to call us failed generation. Some of them have gone ahead to selfishly cling tight to political power in the guise that the younger generation is not capable of leading this nation, when indeed; they are not willing to give us a chance.

Relinquishing power is not in their agenda yet. The youths in their feeble defense claim is the fault of their fathers owing to gross inability to live up to their responsibility. They laid a shaky and faulty foundation, so how on earth do they expect the building to stand? The missiles pf accusation keeps flying both ways, at the end of it all we will blame it on the society, on Nigeria, the popular slogan is always; this country Nigeria is bad!

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The big question however is, who then is really to blame? if our dear country Nigeria is developing at a snail speed, if the giant of Africa has suddenly become a dwarf, if the spate of insecurity and terrorism is fast becoming part of our national identity and how we have been condemned never to sleep with our eyes closed or ever walk without frequently taking a backward glance, if after fifty five years of independence, the Nigerian people are yet to accept that fact that they are one nation, if our youths have become professional and international fraudsters sometimes preferring to rot away in foreign prisons rather than coming back to the country which holds little or no promise for them, if unemployment has become endemic in Nigeria, if the standard of education has descended into the abyss, if in comparison to other world leading currencies the naira is a pauper, what if it has been confirmed that we are heading towards becoming a failed state, who actually did this to us, who is to blame?

Most times we talk about Nigeria and the society as though it is an entity outside us, we blame her for our woes and curse her for what she has become but we seem to forget that we are Nigeria and we are the society, if indeed the country is bad it is simply because the component units that makes up the country, which is actually the people in the country is bad. The military while in Power blamed the colonial masters for the state of the nation while indeed they actually destroyed whatever legacy the colonial lords managed to leave. The civilians have blamed the military for looting the country’s wealth. Yet over fifteen years of Democracy they have only succeeded in looting even more. On the part of the masses its all about those in the government. We blame those in government for everything even for our own inadequacies, mistakes and sheer selfishness.

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