Nigerian Troops Ambushed & Killed A Suicide Bomber

Nigerian Troops Ambushed & Killed A Suicide Bomber

On Sunday night, the Nigerian troops of the 25 Task Force Brigade attacked and killed a suicide bomber of the Boko Haram group in Musafanari and Kumala villages.
Words got out that there would be a suicide bomber, the Nigeria troops who acted on an information they got were able to ambush the suicide bomber of the notorious group responsible for claiming thousands of lives in the past years and killed him.

The Nigerian troops waylaid the terrorist who was on a suicide mission, engaged him in a cross fire and killed him.

They were able to recover some equipment, the troops recovered 12 primed Improvised Explosive Devices, one motorcycle, and a bag which contains a hijab most used by these terrorist to conceal their face and explosives before they perpetrate their wicked acts.

The Nigerian troops in the past months has recorded huge successes against the insurgency in the North eastern part of Nigeria.

They have been able to reclaim all the territories that was initially occupied by the terrorist and they have been able to clean and mop them out from most of their hideouts.

Indeed, the Boko Haram has been given the treatment they deserve but their complete annihilation is yet to be accomplished but its certainly in progress.

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