Nintendo Releases First Mobile Phone Games

Nintendo Releases First Mobile Phone Games

With the advent of Smartphones, the rush in the technology industry has taken an upward rise, many games that were only seen on big televisions have been converted to what you can see and play on your mobile phones. All most all the game company has produced games for mobile devices from the Sony of this world to the Microsoft but yet one of the companies known to have produced one of the best console games have decided to stray from their console-only policy by making their first games for Smartphones.

On Thursday Nintendo released its first Smartphone games into the market after many years of denying the world of technology their stuff.

Nintendo has decided to compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft in the trend of cheap even free downloadable games for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The company has been criticized for refusing to license some of its iconic games for use of mobile applications.

Nintendo has released a new game called Miitomo, this is free to play and it allows players to create their own avatar, design it in any way they want and it can interact with the characters created by other people or friends.

One of the spokesman of Nintendo said that the release of the Miitomo is a way to increase the number of people that play games and it’s a step forward for the company.

He said, the game, Miitomo was only released in Japan but now it will be released in 15 different country around the continent, of which United States of America and France is included and in this month there would be eight different languages.

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Last year there was a move by the Tokyo based mobile based gaming company DeNA to develop games for mobile phones and Nintendo who is now part of Dena has taken it upon it self to produce games for smartphone hosting popular characters like Super Mario and others.

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