Pain Of Being In Love – Sad Love Story Of Nnena & Esosa

Love they say is the strongest force between two people, it binds the heart, soul and spirit together, it also varies in intensity and in the specificity of emotions but its also the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world.

Most people say love is blind, or it chooses to see what it wants to and refuses to see what it doesn’t because it comfortably encompasses both beautiful and ugly, good and evil.

When the word “Love” pops up in our minds what we think of is the happy kind of love, the kind that is the beginning of something beautiful, blissful, pleasurable, exhilarating, something that breathes life however that was not the case of Nnena and Esosa who met in college in their final year.

Nnena was the most beautiful girl in her department, her smiles that could light the night with two beautiful dimples that pops out each time she smiles and says hello, beautiful to behold. Her cheerful character made her irresistible, it was as though everyone was her friend, She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion were almost like crispy chocolate. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black eyelashes. God is indeed the best sculptor because an ordinary sculptor could not have fashioned her pixie’s nose any better.

Esosa on the other hand was just there, he was often times called the most handsome guy in his department but he didn’t see himself as such, all he wanted was to be invisible and go through college without being noticed, he wasn’t enjoying most of the activities going on, he was alone, felt lost, couldn’t connect with anyone, he was friends with everyone but no one was his friend.

On that fateful day, Esosa sighted Nnena in her class receiving lectures, he was like damn! who is this? he looked at her for some seconds as she calmly listens to the lecturer, she seemed so peaceful, for some reason she turned and looked in his direction, his heart stopped, he was completely taken by her eyelids but she didn’t see him, she didn’t even notice someone was admiring her. Esosa could not believe it, this is the first time he actually saw something he loved in college, he laughed, looked at her again and said to himself, hey! You have a girlfriend, so he made up his mind and said to himself he was going to do all it takes to avoid her because there was so much at stake.

Each day as Esosa prepares to go for class he hopes he bumps into her and whenever he did he would avoid her, he told himself that he was just going to go through college without any romantic love story although part of him wanted it but he was too afraid of what could happen if he tries.

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months, he seemed to be successful at what he had planed, everything went on almost as normal but his hope of being invisible however was not the case.

Esosa counting his days in college could not wait for this long meeting in the conference room to be over, he had a mixed feeling about the meeting, part of him was happy that his days in college was finally coming to an end but he was pissed that the meeting was taking longer than expected, all he wanted was to get over this long meeting and get on with his life and back to doing what he loved. As he sat in that conference room with a grim demonstration on his face, Nnena walked in and all she saw was this cute fair guy in a grey fitted suit and red tie with his curly dark hair and big round overwhelming eyes seated at the conference room, her heart skipped, pulse racing, she looked at him for a while, she was completely taken by his charming looks, she said to herself, hey! You have a boyfriend so girl you can’t be falling for this guy so said to herself there is so much at stake. Esosa didn’t know Nnena was around, although he felt her presence but when he looked around he couldn’t see her, he said to himself its time to go before she comes around, he hated being vulnerable and would not want her to see him in that state.

Esosa and Nnena had both made a decision not to cross each others part but occasionally when they find themselves in the same place both of them would pretend as though they didn’t have feeling for each other. This went on for weeks and eventually into months, the less they saw themselves the less their feelings became.

Few days remaining for the semester to round off, the sun was unusally scorching, Esosa took refuge under a tree taking one of his long calls, his colleagues were around him gisting and laughing, Esosa who always find their conversations very boring was having a nice time on phone, talking and laffing with his friend at the other end, all of a sudden he saw Nnena walking towards the direction of the tree, it was a sunny day so he knew directly where she was headed, he felt trapped, he couldn’t move, Nnena who was trying to seek shelter from the scorching sun came and sat next to Esosa.

Esosa got off the phone because he could hardly concentrate now that Nnena was close to him, he was quiet, listened to everyone talk, he was a good listener, this time, they were talking about how that their final test was difficult, how their supervisiors didn’t do what he was suppose to do, Nnena’s case was different, her supervisor had left her alone to tend to only God knows what, as she complained with her soft sweet voice, Esosa’s heart shrunk, he thought she was going to cry, he looked at her as talked and later she started gigling and laughing making it seem as though it was nothing, he could tell she was hurting so he wondered how she could still laugh even though she was hurting, he couldn’t help but smile and told her it was going to be okay, she agreed.

Esosa saw himself somehow connecting with Nnena, he contribute to her conversations and vise visa, they laughed together and there was this inner peace he experienced. He agreed that they both had a strong connection and this time he changed his mind about avoiding her knowing that that would be their last moment in college.

After college, Esosa and Nnena connected again through social media, this time there were both excited chatting with each other although they were still in a relationship but it still couldn’t stop them from exchanging phone numbers.

They chatted for hours, talked, laughed at each others joke, the chemistry was getting stronger, they were so attracted to each other. They could no longer deny their feelings for each other, they didn’t know what to call it, but it was strong, and electrifying. They talked about their feelings for each other and decided on what to do in other not to hurt the people they love so much.

Esosa and Nnena decided again to stay away from each other in that way no one would get hurt. They understood that love is as intense gets often times leads people into making poor choices, choices that are hurtful to to ones we love.

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