President Buhari Bodyguards Clash With Police

President Buhari Bodyguards Clash With Police

The planned protest of the bodyguards to President Buhari due to unsettled payment issue has been halted by mobile policemen.

Some mobile policemen have been deployed to the All Progressive Congress Presidential Campaign office in Abuja to stop the former bodyguards to President Muhammadu Buhari from carrying out their protest.

Last week, the former bodyguards to the president had protested against what they call exclusion by those described as cabals in the government who have succeeded in cutting them out from their original plan.

According to them, they said that apart from the 20,000 given to them on two occasion which was January and February last year, they (the former bodyguard to President Buhari) have not seen or given any thing since then.

Spokesman of the group by the name of Badiru Olabiyi Balogun, who spoke with newsmen said on Thursday morning said irrespective of the mobile policemen being deployed, the group will go ahead with the protest.

Mr Balogun said, ”Two trucks full of mobile policemen have been sent to our office this morning, their instruction was that they should not allow us access to the office and the people outside should not be allowed inside, we are meeting by 9am this morning.

Some of the bodyguards lamented and said that some cabals have hijacked the president, they said many of the key actors in the president administration that did not work for him during the campaign are now reaping the benefits but we that did all the work have been denied access to him.

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