RCCG Pastor’s Son Killed In A Bar In Canada

RCCG Pastor’s Son Killed In A Bar In Canada

The Son of a Redeemed Christain Church of God pastor, Solomon Odekunle was stabbed to death in a bar in Ottawa, Canada, Piper’s Bar and Grill, in the early hours on Sunday morning, November 6.

Eyewitnesses who spoke with Ottawa policemen said they saw Solomon stumbling out of the bar with blood gushing out of his neck, he later collapsed on Coventry Road where he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead by the doctor.

According to CBC News n Ottawa, Solomon was stabbed on the neck by a suspect called Joe Ndikuriyo, a 27-year-old man from Burundi.

Although the Ottawa police is still investigating what led to Solomon’s death, some other sources said that he was stabbed to death during a fight between him, an individual and the Burundian national, Ndikuriyo, over a lady.

Solomon Odekunle was an Economics student in University of Ottawa, Canada, his sister, Deborah Odekunle is also a student in the university.

Deborah said she saw him a week ago before the incident, in her words, If i had known it was our last time to see, I would have given you more than a fist bump, I would have given you the deepest bro-hug.

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