Secretary Kerry Says US Will Invest $600m In Nigeria 2016

Secretary Kerry Says US Will Invest $600m In Nigeria 2016

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State said that his country, United States of America Will invest the sum of $600 million in Nigeria this year.

The United States Secretary of State said this at the opening session of the USA – Nigeria Bi-National commission meeting.

John Kerry commended President Buhari for his efforts in tryin to diversify the economy of the country and also in the area of security in the country.

According to the US Secretary of State, we are working closely with the leaders of Nigeria, our development assistance in this country will top up to the sum of $600 million.

He said this intiative called Power Africa Initiative is aimed at differ sector, in health sector, we will put a stop at the spread of deadly diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, in energy sector where shortage in electricity has frustrated the people, all of these issued will be tackled.

Also in the aspect of fo security program, Feed thr Future will help in creating more agriculture and to raise rural income.

“In education we are working‎ with your leaders to make sure we eradicate illiteracy especially in the northern part of the country where there is hardly any opportunity for the people to go to school and also the insurgency has held them back” he said.

He also commended the President Buhari for the way the insurgency has been handled, and said they fight has reduced their capacity to launch full scale attacks.

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“Although the group still remains a threat but we are collaborating and devising new methods to build up our security and tame the group” he said.

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