Top Boko Haram Bomb Maker Killed By Leader’s Aide

Top Boko Haram Bomb Maker Killed By Leader’s Aide

On Monday, the Nigerian military took a great step towards disarming and eradicating the insurgency that is almost crippling the country for some time now.

The chief bomb maker of Boko Haram who is in charge of making their Improvised Explosive Devices IEDs and a high ranked terrorist was killed on Monday.

This is making two important members of the Boko Haram who have been killed, the first one by the name Abu RPG was their chief scientist and been killed by the Nigerian military along time ago.

Speaking with newsmen on Monday, Col. Usman said the chief bomb maker for the notorious group has been killed by one of the body guards of the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

The body guard to group leader shot and killed him because he was about leaving the group due to the operation failures they have been experiencing most of the time now.

Col. Usman said this is a good development because this will render them in incapacitated in the area of making Improvised Explosive Devices, and suicide bombing.

In conclusion, he said, the Nigerian troops are doing so well, the clearance and rescue operation continues and in a short time the Boko Haram will be completely cleared in every part of the region.

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