www.2go.com – Download 2go At www.2go.im On Mobile Device

www.2go.com – Download 2go At www.2go.im On Mobile Device

www.2go.com is the first interactive mobile application to be downloaded on our mobile device, and over the years we have seen www.2go.com upgrade and change their version from time to time.


2go.com is still one of the best and fastest interactive application we have ever seen, and now the new version of 2go will give you full satisfactionYou can download 2go version 6.3.7 on your android devices like Samsung and other IOS device and you will find the features very amazing.

The competition on Messenger apps is very high because there are several messenger app that you can download on your device like Whatsapp, Wechat, WakaChat and even Facebook messenger but amongst all of the messenger app www.2go.com application is still very unique.

The new 2go version 7 has amazing feature for android phones, Blackberry phones, and Java and Symbian phones, that some people even find more fascinating more than Whatsapp.

www.2go.com has also created a version for PC which means you can download 2go on your PC and enjoy all the benefits it brings.

www.2go.com Features On New 2go Version

2go Rooms
2go News
2go Market
Get go Credits
2go Profile
Switch account

The new 2go.im version have a similar message delivery information like Whatsapp, when you send message on 2go you can know when its delivered and when the recipient reads the message, this is one of the latest feature on 2go.com before now it was not so.

How To Download www.2go.com Apps on Your Device From www.2go.im

To download 2go.com app on your mobile device is very easy firstly log on to www.2go.im. Once the page opens you can choose your phone model or you can just click on the download button to start download the www.2go.im app on your mobile device.

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On Android device you can visit Google Play Store and once the click on “install” and as soon as the app finish downloading you can start using the app.

How To Recover Lost Password On www.2go.com

If you have forgotten your password on 2go or you have noticed that someone logs into your account, then there is a need to change your 2go password and these are the steps to go about it.

Firstly log onto m.2go.im and then select your country

Hit on “Help” and select “I forgot my password?PIN

You will be presented with some instructions like sending a 2go Pin to a “short-code”. Please note you can only retrieve your 2go password with the same phone number you used to register the 2go account.

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