4th graders made their own clickbait headlines and they’re way better than ours

4th graders made their own clickbait headlines and they're way better than ours

It’s a strange world online and Ingrid Conley-Abrams — a school library director in New York City — wanted to prep her students as best she could. 

As a part of a lesson on media literacy and bias, Conley-Abrams created an optional assignment where kids made their own versions of clickbait. The results were delightful, brilliant, and, at times, slightly creepy.

Conley-Abrams tweeted out some of the schoolwork and it went very viral for obvious reasons.

Just finished the 4th grade lesson plan on clickbait, and I gave the 4th graders the opportunity to create their own clickbait headlines and, honestly, I couldn’t have imagined anything this epicpic.twitter.com/gRtOaHjPeq

— ᵐˣ. ᶦⁿᵍʳᶦᵈ (@MagpieLibrarian) September 17, 2020 Read more…

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