6 frightening thoughts I had while watching Netflix’s ‘Hubie Halloween’

6 frightening thoughts I had while watching Netflix's 'Hubie Halloween'

Adam Sandler is back in a movie that is very Adam SandlerHubie Halloween isn’t Uncut Gems — rather, it’s the type of comedy where Sandler plays a giant man-child named Hubie who lives with his mother, wets his bed, and awkwardly crushes on the chick in town who scored all the best yearbook superlatives back when they were in high school together.

Hubie loves Halloween. It’s why he decks out his front yard in skeletons and pumpkins and gives a talk to the kids at school about how to stay safe while having fun via the acronym GHOST. (They start throwing their lunches at him before we get past the G, which stands for “give” to the less fortunate.) But after people start to disappear from Hubie’s hometown of Salem, he takes it upon himself to convince the police that there is a monster causing havoc. Read more…

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