An interview with Ryan Creamer, Pornhub’s most wholesome star

An interview with Ryan Creamer, Pornhub's most wholesome star

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we’re celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn.

When I learned that Mashable would be hosting Porn Week, I knew the site’s coverage wouldn’t be complete without an article on my old pal, Ryan Creamer.

I first met Ryan in January 2016 when we both started editorial internships at Mashable. Now, four years later, he’s known as Pornhub’s most wholesome star. Yeah, you read that correctlyWholesome! And yes, Creamer is his actual last name.

In 2018, after realizing how easy it was to get a verified Pornhub account, Ryan decided to grace the online pornography platform with his delightful sense of humor. He posted his first video, titled “I Tuck You In After You Have Cum,” in which he’s seen tucking the viewer into bed and giving them a goodnight kiss. People responded positively to Ryan’s giant smile, navy blue sweater, and unassuming demeanor, so he continued to share videos of himself performing respectful, G-rated porn tropes. He’s made forehead kiss compilation videos, filmed himself doing the dishes without being asked, and even delivered breakfast in bed. Read more…

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