‘Binging with Babish’ recreated the ‘meat tornado’ from ‘Parks and Recreation’

'Binging with Babish' recreated the 'meat tornado' from 'Parks and Recreation'

In the latest episode of Binging with Babish, which recreates fictional food from popular TV shows and movies, Oliver Babish took on an especially heavy challenge: the “meat tornado” from Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson, the stern libertarian head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, famously does not like “ethnic” food. Andy Dwyer manages to convince him to try a burrito from “Big Head Joe’s” that’s so dense with meat, it killed a man. 

Babish confirmed with Dr. Michael Rothkopf, a physician nutritionist specialist, that someone with pre-existing heart conditions can in fact die from coronary failure as a result of eating spicy and meat-heavy food.  Read more…

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