Cloudflare goes down, and takes the internet’s security blanket with it


When Cloudflare has problems, the rest of the internet can’t be that far behind.  The company whose entire raison d’être is ensuring the reliability of companies’ websites and internet-connected services had a bit of online trouble itself Friday. In a late afternoon statement, the company confirmed that at least some […]

Save up to 30% on select products from The Home Depot and upgrade your learning space


Back to school looks different this year. We are hot on the heels of the start of fall semester, and college campuses plans for reopening vary widely. So if “back to school” doesn’t mean getting back into the classroom, it still means getting your nose back into the books. Whether […]

No one is sleeping well this summer. You deserve a new mattress or pillow.


TL;DR: Tempur-Pedic Weekend is here, offering 30% off select Breeze 2.0 and Cloud mattresses, 40% off mattress toppers, and 25% off pillows. Sleep is already a struggle in the summer. A hot, sticky room isn’t the environment your body wants when it’s preparing to shut down, and though we consciously […]

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