‘She Dies Tomorrow’ is a movie night for the existentially challenged

I’m going to die. You’re going to die. But Amy is dying tomorrow. In the hauntingly titled She Dies Tomorrow, written and directed by Amy Seimetz (whose shared name with the film’s protagonist is no accident), existential dread drips from every frame. Seimetz couldn’t have expected her film, imagined in […]

The 17 best tweets of the week, including beans, Trump memes, and Speed Racer

Another quarantine week down! Only an indeterminate, indefinite, perhaps infinite amount left to go. I’m here to deliver some good tweets from this week to you. We’ve been collecting the best posts of the week for a while now because we’re all stuck inside and sometimes it’s good to laugh […]

‘Host’ is horror’s answer to the social distancing hell of 2020

In April 2020, British writer-director Rob Savage pranked his friends via Zoom with a terrifyingly clever live jump scare and captured their reactions on Twitter. Three months later, Savage released Host, an (almost) full length movie on the streaming platform Shudder, which expands his prank into one of 2020’s best […]

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