SNL’s ‘MacGruber’ announces Peacock series in ridiculous, action-packed teaser


The world’s most epic action franchise Saturday Night Live sketch is going to series.  On Monday, Peacock officially confirmed MacGruber, the popular ’80s spoof character played by Will Forte, would champion his own series for the NBC streaming service. Season 1 will reassemble much of the team from the 2010 […]

8 podcasts that talk honestly about mental health


We are living through challenging times.  And with many of us physically separated from family, friends, therapists, and support systems, maintaining our mental health is particularly difficult right now.  NEXT STORY: There is no substitute for those invaluable support systems, of course, but it can be really helpful to hear […]

Teen pranks her family with the Influencer Challenge, and their reaction is hilarious


The Influencer Challenge has been floating around TikTok for a little while now — but the trend’s latest viral iteration has quite frankly taken all other challengers off the table. In a nutshell, the game involves pretending to be an influencer recording a message on your phone in front of […]

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