4 big takeaways from Chris Wallace’s surprise debate questions on climate change


The chatter going into the first 2020 presidential debate was that climate change wouldn’t get much, if any, discussion. But the debate’s moderator, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, threw a wildcard. “I’d like to talk about climate change,” Wallace said during the second half of the debate.  “So would I,” […]

Brooklyn pizzeria offering ‘comforting words’ as delivery menu item


One pizzeria in Brooklyn is taking comfort food to an entirely new level.  For just one buck, a Vinnie’s delivery person will offer comforting words (you know, in these uncertain times) to go along with whatever else you order.  The pizzeria, with locations in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods of […]

Dell’s discounts on 4K monitors make it really hard *not* to grab one


4K monitors on sale at Dell as of Sept. 30: OUR TOP PICK: Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 4K USB-C Monitor (U3219Q) — save $210 BUDGET PICK: Dell 27-inch 4K UHD Monitor (S2721QS) — save $110 BEST FOR GAMING: Alienware 55 OLED Gaming Monitor (AW5520QF) — save $1,010 4K TVs probably seemed like overkill […]

Pantone’s new ‘Period’ colour tackles menstruation stigma

Pantone has launched a new colour with a very important message. The bright red shade is called ‘Period’ and it’s here to tackle the stigma surrounding menstruation. The Pantone Colour Institute — the design company with the biggest colour matching system in the world — has teamed up with healthcare […]

Stephen Colbert unpacks standout moments of that disastrous Biden-Trump debate

Stephen Colbert’s post-Biden-Trump-debate monologue started, somewhat fittingly, on an apocalyptic note. “I come to you tonight, ladies and gentlemen, an empty vessel,” says the Late Show host in the clip above. “A man with a mind wiped clean, I have stood in the swirling chaos of creation, I have seen […]

Netflix’s ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’ forces viewers to question their false perceptions

In August of 2018, 34-year-old Shannan Watts of Frederick, Colorado, went missing after returning from a work trip. Her two young daughters were also nowhere to be found, but her husband remained — and her friends were understandably concerned. Watts’ disappearance made national news. Some were terrified for Shannan, believing […]

Mark Hamill drops the mic on the Biden-Trump debate with a tweet about ‘Star Wars’

Well, that was an exhausting 90 minutes. The first Biden-Trump debate was basically a total mess, full of interruptions (Trump), Jim Halpert-style stares into the camera (Biden), and refusals to denounce white supremacy (Trump, obviously). Everyone pretty much agreed that the whole thing was a total disaster, and Mark Hamill […]

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