‘Chicago 10’ tells the electric true story behind Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix drama

'Chicago 10' tells the electric true story behind Aaron Sorkin's Netflix drama

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is good drama, but I have to wonder at some of the choices writer/director Aaron Sorkin made.

The movie is based on a true story but it gets an awful lot of the facts wrong. It plays with the timeline, it assigns certain actions to individuals who didn’t do those things, and it leans in more than once on wholly manufactured drama. To me, the actual true story here is far more riveting. That’s why you need to go watch Chicago 10.

Brett Morgen’s 2007 documentary is a movie for people who don’t like documentaries. It sews together archival footage with animated courtroom scenes based on the trial transcript and voiced by a star-studded cast, with all of it driven forward by the beat of a soundtrack brimming with hard-charging protest music. There’s an energy here that you don’t often find in other docs. Read more…

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