Grow herbs, veggies, and more with a planter that does the work for you

Grow herbs, veggies, and more with a planter that does the work for you

TL;DR: Easily grow vegetables and herbs in your home with the Intelligent Flower Hydroponic Planter, on sale for $199.95 as of Nov. 8. 

If you’re stuck on the inside of a 700-square-foot apartment and are desperately craving the outdoors, try bringing nature into your home with this Intelligent Flower Hydroponic Planter.

Grow your green thumb from the comfort of your own home — without all the mess. This indoor planter allows you to grow plants using high-efficiency LED grow lights, so it looks cool and it gets things done. This planter is designed specifically to cultivate plants without the presence of soil to avoid soil contamination, heavy metal contamination, pesticide residue, antibiotics, GMO, and nitrites. You can finally know the history of your plants and if you’re growing herbs or veggies, where your food comes from. Read more…

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