How To Make Nigerian Puff Puff – Easy Quick Way

How to make Nigerian puff puff

A step by step guide on how to make Nigerian puff puff yourself and from scratch. 

Nothing beats the taste of a Nigerian puff puff served with hot pap on a very cold morning.

Also called Bofrot in Ghana, Bufloto in Ivory Coast and mikate in Congo, the Nigerian puff puff looks almost exactly as the doughnut. The main difference between it and the doughnut in terms of appearance is the absence of the hole or space you usually find at the centre of a doughnut.

Looking at how fluffy and spongy the snack is, one would be forgiven to think that the process involved in making it takes a lot of time and resources. However, the snack is one of the easiest Nigerian snacks you can make any time, anywhere. That is if you properly learn about the production process. If you don’t, you might be the only one to “enjoy” your puff puff due to how they may look or taste. (😂)

In this article, you will find a step by step guide on how to make Nigerian puff puff, either for your consumption, to entertain guests or for commercial purposes.

There are different kinds of puff puff you can come across among Nigerians; for example, Peppered Puff Puff, Fruit Puff Puff etc. They are not entirely different from the normal ones that are easier to come across. The only difference between them is the extra ingredients (pepper, fruits, etc.) that are added to them. Their methods of preparation are the same.

Things Needed To Make Nigerian Puff Puff

Before kicking off, you will have to get both the equipment and the ingredients needed to make your Nigerian puff puff, so you don’t start running around after you must have started.

Listed below are some of the tools or utensils you will need in making the Nigerian puff puff;

As for the utensils you will need in preparing the puff puff, here are the major ones:

I. A deep pot. This should be deep enough to contain enough oil that can completely cover an egg if it is put inside.
II. 2 big bowls. At least one of them should be big enough to use in mixing the flour
III. Aluminium foil. This will be used to cover the container when the time for it comes.
IV. A sieve. This is where the puff puff will be put the moment they are removed from the hot oil.
V. Paper towels, also known as serviettes.
VI. Spoons (1 flat wooden spoon for mixing the flour and a different one for frying)
VII. Source of heat.

Ingredients Needed For Making Nigerian Puff Puff

Apart from the tools, you also need to make sure you have the complete ingredients for making the Nigerian puff puff. Below are some of the ingredients you will need assuming you aim to make about 30 medium-sized balls of Nigerian puff puff.

I. 400g of flour
II. 80g of granulated sugar (some persons add more or less)
III. 1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
IV. 1/2 teaspoon of salt
V. 2 teaspoons of baking yeast.
VI. Vegetable oil (enough to fry all the balls of puff puff)
VII. Lukewarm water. This will be used for mixing the Flour later

After getting everything you will need to make the puff puff ready, follow the directions below to prepare the snacks.

How To Make Nigerian Puff Puff – Step By Step Guide

Here are the necessary steps you need to take, to prepare your first set of puff puff:

1. Add a little of the lukewarm water to the yeast in one of the bowls to dissolve and set it aside. You only need to do this if fresh yeast is what you intend using to make the snacks. If it’s not, jump to the next step.

2. Pour all of the flour you want to use into the second bowl.

3. After that, add your sugar, ground nutmeg and yeast. The yeast can either be the dry type or the fresh one. Mix the contents.

4. Add lukewarm water to it and keep mixing it. You can decide to mix the ingredients using your hand. You can also use the flat wooden spoon we mentioned earlier when we were talking about the tools needed. Some people prefer using their hands, though.

5. Keep mixing them until you cannot feel any lump in it; this usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes of mixing. Within that time, the batter will become very smooth.

6. Once you can’t feel any lump in it which means the batter is now smooth, cover the bowl with aluminium foil. Ensure that it is tightly covered to prevent air from entering inside.

7. Leave the bowl covered for some minutes to give the yeast time to work; this usually happens within 45 to 50 minutes. Within that period, the batter will rise, thicken and become stretchy. You can easily notice this from the outside of the container by observing the size. Another way to know this is by watching the surface for bubbles. Once you start seeing this, the batter is ready for the next step.

8. Pour the vegetable oil into the deep pot you intend using and heat it. To know when the oil is ready for you to start the frying, put a tiny portion of the batter in it. If it turns golden brown and rises to the top, then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, then allow the oil to heat up a little more and repeat the test.

9. Once the oil is ready, scoop the batter into it by passing it through your thumb and index finger. That way, your puff puff will have a kind of spherical shape once it is done.

10. Keep flipping the balls on their sides to ensure that all the parts get adequately fried. Once that happens, take them out and place them in the sieve, you must have already lined with serviettes.

How to make Nigerian puff puff without yeast

How To Make Nigerian Puff Puff Without Yeast

The method of making puff puff without yeast is the same as preparing the one with yeast. If you taste them both, you will hardly notice any difference.

However, when preparing puff-puff without yeast, instead of using all-purpose flour, you should make use of self-rising flour because the self-rising flour rises faster than the all-purpose flour.

After you must have gotten the self-rising flour, every other process of making the Nigerian puff puff listed above remains the same.

Rounding Up

We have in this article discussed how to make Nigerian puff puff, with or without yeast. From all we’ve explained so far, you can see that it’s quite a straightforward snack to make. All you need to do is to follow the step by step directions listed here.

If you are looking for how to make Nigerian puff puff with pepper or with baking powder, do not be confused. The processes are the same. You only need to add either your baking powder or pepper to the mixture before frying, and you will get the desired result.

I hope after reading this article, you can now beat your chest and say you now know how to make Nigerian puff puff. And if you get stuck at any point, or if there is something confusing you, you can always message us for help.

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