LG teases a slide-out phone at the end of its Wing event

LG teases a slide-out phone at the end of its Wing event

It looks like LG isn’t done experimenting.

At the very end of its LG Wing virtual event Monday, the company teased a slide-out device of some sort, presumably a smartphone (via Cnet). 

In the short clip at 1:05:37 in the Wing presentation (below), we get a side view of the device, ending with a very short flip to reveal its display.

The teaser ends with the tagline “Hold your breath” and “LG Explorer project,” so it’s fair to assume that whatever’s shown in the video is coming fairly soon.

LG Wing’s radical dual display design has shown that LG isn’t afraid to try something new, and that phone, too, is part of the company’s Explorer project.  Read more…

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