Mercedes-Benz teases Vision EQXX electric car with a 750-mile range

Mercedes-Benz teases Vision EQXX electric car with a 750-mile range

As far as range goes, there’s not much of a fight between electric car makers these days; Tesla sits firmly on the throne in most categories. 

But that may change sometime in the (fairly distant) future. On Tuesday, while detailing its upcoming strategy, Mercedes-Benz announced the Vision EQXX, an electric car concept with an advertised 750-mile range.

Mercedes-Benz put the range in the context of a ride from Beijing to Shanghai “on one charge,” which is a distance of roughly 750 miles. That kind of range surpasses even gas-powered cars with very large tanks and low gas consumption, and if it were to become ubiquitous, it would probably silence the range debates once and for all.  Read more…

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