New web app lets you take Game Boy Camera-style pics and pretend it’s 1998


The internet just got a bit more wonderful.  On Saturday a coder, animator, and electronic musician by the name of maple “mavica” syrup published a free web app that lets anyone take Game Boy Camera-style photos with just their browser and a webcam. It’s super fun.  Over Twitter direct message, […]

Carly Rae Jepsen’s single anthems shine among her love-heavy discography


In Party for One, Mashable explores single life in 2020, from Carly Rae Jepsen’s iconic single anthems, to the beauty of alone time, and the fascinating history behind the single positivity movement. Nestled in the latter half of Dedicated Side B, the companion album to Side A released last year, […]

‘This is fine’ Halloween decoration perfectly nails 2020

Nothing screams 2020 quite like the “This is fine” meme, which is why the image of that distressed little dog surrounded by flames makes the perfect Halloween decoration. The “This is fine” meme, from artist KC Green’s 2013 webcomic “On Fire,” has become a symbol for especially troubling times, such […]

Does monogamy work? This new book explores the controversial question.

Unlike what you may have been told, monogamy isn’t inherent to human biology. Moreover, it’s not inherent to many animals in nature: Less than three percent of mammals in the animal kingdom are reported to be monogamous.  This is just one fascinating fact of many in Luke Brunning’s Does Monogamy […]

Russian hackers charged with attacking Olympics, U.S. hospitals

The U.S. Department of Justice plays the long game.  That much was made clear Monday as the DOJ announced charges against six Russian military officers accused of launching a string of damaging cyberattacks dating back to 2015. The men, all members of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), are allegedly […]

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,’ Chadwick Boseman’s final film, gets a charming first trailer

Icons are born in every generation, and sometimes we get lucky enough to watch their journey. The Netflix trailer for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is full of them: Viola Davis in the title role, the true story of Ma Rainey herself, and the late Chadwick Boseman in his last film […]

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