QAnon content is no longer welcome on Twitter. Cue the conspiracy theories.

QAnon content is no longer welcome on Twitter. Cue the conspiracy theories.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that accounts and content linked with or promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory would be banned, blocked, or otherwise limited, with over 7,000 accounts already removed from the platform.

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory turned online community based around message board posts by “Q,” a user or several users purporting to be a “military insider,” made since late 2017. The theory posits that Donald Trump is the secret leader of the fight against a “deep state,” which works to protect a huge network of celebrities and public figures supposedly involved with devil worship, child sex trafficking, and the creation of a “New World Order.” The cult-like community that has grown around the incoherent, constantly debunked conspiracy narrative believe a reckoning is coming where these public figures will be secretly or publicly arrested and/or executed (despite Q’s more detailed predictions repeatedly failing to eventuate) and use a number of hashtags and code phrases to identify themselves as believers. Read more…

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