Save up to 50% on pre-owned games with this promo at GameStop

Save up to 50% on pre-owned games with this promo at GameStop

SAVE UP TO 50%: Pick up a new game priced at $29.99 and up at GameStop, and get 30% off a pre-owned game — buy two new games, and get 50% off a pre-owned game. 

Gaming is not a cheap hobby, not by a long shot. Never mind the hundreds you have to spend on consoles and gear, what really starts to add up is the games you buy. At $60 each (normally) and a seemingly endless number of choices, it’s inevitable that you’re going to rack up quite a bill. That’s just destiny. 

So that’s why you always need to take advantage of a game sale when you can, and GameStop is having a pretty good one right now. The online-only promo says that you can get up to 50% off pre-owned games when you buy new games priced at $29.99 and up. Buy one new game, get 30% off a pre-owned title, buy two new games, and you’ll get that max 50% off deal.  Read more…

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