Seth Meyers blasts Trump for ‘deranged lies’ about coronavirus at ABC town hall

Seth Meyers blasts Trump for 'deranged lies' about coronavirus at ABC town hall

President Donald Trump participated in ABC’s televised town hall on Tuesday, purportedly to answer questions from undecided voters (a demographic that somehow hasn’t been made extinct in this accursed election year). Trump gotta Trump though, with Late Night host Seth Meyers blasting the president for “repeat[ing] the same deranged lies we’ve heard a million times.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I see the value in hosting an event like this,” said Meyers in Wednesday night’s Closer Look segment, utterly unsurprised by how the event played out. “Really the best you can hope for with a town hall like this is a new lie for reporters to debunk: ‘You know, they say coronavirus can be cured by swallowing a golf ball covered in Emergin-C while shining a laser pointer up your butt.'” Read more…

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