These ‘Shark Tank’-featured reusable straws are finally on sale

These 'Shark Tank'-featured reusable straws are finally on sale

TL;DR: Help out the Earth with this environmentally-friendly Final Reusable Straws Bundle for $29.99, a 21% savings as of Aug. 31. 

Saving the environment is a huge task, but even doing the little stuff can help. A great place to start is quitting plastic straws for good. It may sound simple, but carrying around a long, pokey metal straw is the definition of inconvenient.

Enter: FinalStraw. Sound familiar? You may recognize the name from our list of the best reusable straws on the market. Or perhaps you know them from a little show called Shark Tank. At any rate, for a limited time, you can snag FinalStraw and its new cousin BiggieStraw on sale. Read more…

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