This 10-speed massage therapy gun is on sale for over 60% off

This 10-speed massage therapy gun is on sale for over 60% off

TL;DR: Get the muscle relief you’ve been craving with the BioGrit Massage Gun for $139.99, a 68% savings as of Aug. 10. 

Long hours at home don’t just make you antsy. They can also lead to sore, aching muscles —especially if you’re barely moving. If you really want to get dark and WebMD it, the trusty internet doctors will quickly dive into 13 reasons why sitting too much is bad for your health. But let’s not go there. 

Whether you’re sitting in a chair all day for your job, working out like a maniac, or doing both, you deserve to reward yourself with a therapeutic massage from the BioGrit Massage Gun. This 10-speed gun is equipped with eight different massage heads for $139.99 — that’s a 68% discount from the usual price — and a heck of a lot more affordable than the big name brands. Read more…

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