This DIY temporary tattoo printer is the cool gadget we need this summer

This DIY temporary tattoo printer is the cool gadget we need this summer

TL;DR: Test out your tattoo ideas before you get the real thing with a Prinker® S temporary tattoo printer for $259.99, a 6% savings as of Aug. 5. 

There are a lot of reasons not to get tattoos: they hurt, they’re forever, they’re expensive, and oh ya, coronavirus makes spending hours in a tattoo parlor less than ideal. But on the other hand, tattoos are fun! And we could all use a dose of fun right about now.

Enter the Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer, the summer pick-me-up we all need that’s on sale for a limited time.

The easy-to-use device pairs with the Prinker app, which allows you to create your own temporary tattoo design or choose from the over 5,000 prints available. From fun cartoon characters to an image that means a lot to you, you won’t regret this decision as it eventually wears off.  Read more…

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