Trevor Noah gleefully breaks down the most brutal moments from Trump’s Fox interview

Trevor Noah gleefully breaks down the most brutal moments from Trump's Fox interview

When Trevor Noah talks about Fox News on The Daily Show, it’s normally to give them a roasting. But on Monday he was singing their praises.

The reason? Chris Wallace’s long (and fairly uncompromising) interview with Donald Trump, which saw him challenge the president on everything from coronavirus numbers to his unfounded assertion that Joe Biden wants to “defund the police.”

“It is priceless seeing Trump flail around, trying to find a fact that he made up,” says Noah, after showing a clip of Trump failing to back up his claim. “And it actually shows you how his brain just kind of mixes up everything he reads into one big information smoothie. Because clearly, he read that Biden wants to abolish immigration detention, and he also read that Biden wants police reform — and then his brain just meshed them up into: ‘Biden wants to abolish the police.'” Read more…

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