Twitter-controlled anal vibrators are the cyberpunk future we need

Twitter-controlled anal vibrators are the cyberpunk future we need

What if technology was invasive but, you know, in a good way?

Say hello to the Double-Oh, a custom-built battery which theoretically allows for wireless control of any device that uses AA batteries. And, as its inventor Buck — the pseudonymous fursona of a 31-year-old maker based in Berlin — let Twitter know on Friday, that control extends to anal vibrators. 

To demonstrate his invention, Buck connected a Double-Oh-augmented vibrator, which was at that time in use, to a Twitter poll.

“Here we go: my open-source Wi-Fi vibrator is in my butt again,” he wrote. “Vibration intensity is controlled by the poll. Liking the tweet means 10 more seconds of vibration. Retweeting means 30 more seconds of vibration.” Read more…

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