Ubisoft’s ‘Immortals’ uses a Zelda blueprint for its adventure into Greek myth

Ubisoft's 'Immortals' uses a Zelda blueprint for its adventure into Greek myth

Technically, Ubisoft revealed the game now known as Immortals – Fenyx Rising at E3 in 2019

We didn’t get much more than a (since changed) title, a look at the vibrant visual palette, and a general sense that it would feature a setting drawn from Greek myth. We also learned that this would be the next game from the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey team. Which, you know, is pretty good news.

Now, more than a year later, there’s a new title and a game that’s at least partially playable right this moment. I spent a couple of hours with the work-in-progress on Tuesday and I certainly liked what I saw.

At a glance, Immortals seems to be drawing on lots of sources for inspiration. The Greek connection no doubt grows out of Ubisoft Quebec’s efforts on Odyssey and its similar setting. But the combo- and special ability-heavy action-RPG vibes coupled with the abundance of loot to collect feels closer to the pace and flow of the latter day Darksiders games. Read more…

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