Woman’s harp playing attracts a deer fan in this viral video

Woman's harp playing attracts a deer fan in this viral video

Reddit user u/Noomie90 said it best when she posted her now viral video to the platform: “My harp session turned into a Disney movie.” Indeed, the minute-long video is some sort of soothing, live-action Bambi. As Noomie90 plucks a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” on her harp, a deer comes into frame. 

The deer inches closer and closer to the dulcet tones of Noomie90’s harp — until, in typical deer fashion, it gets spooked and runs away. Noomie90 then gets spooked herself and jumps out of frame in the last second of the video. “I was definitely the deer in headlights in this situation,” she said in a Reddit comment. Read more…

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