Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: A powerful 5G phone, but not exactly a bargain

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: A powerful 5G phone, but not exactly a bargain

Producing a good value smartphone these days is a balancing act. With new 5G chips raising overall prices, it’s impossible to throw every feature into a smartphone and offer it at half the price of, say, a new flagship iPhone. 

Xiaomi used to do that — add every feature in and undercut the price — but with its new smartphone, the Mi 10T Pro, it strikes a careful balance between adding highly-coveted and just plain cool features, and removing some of the not-that-important stuff to keep the price down.  Read more…

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
The Good

Capable cameras • Very fast • 5G

The Bad

No wireless charging • No water resistance • No OLED display

The Bottom Line

Xiaomi’s Mi 10T Pro is a powerful 5G phone with a very good camera and several standout features. But it’s not the flagship killer you’d expect from Xiaomi.

⚡ Mashable Score
😎 Cool Factor
📘Learning Curve
💵Bang for the Buck

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